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Bendtech Industries are the choice leaders for comprehensive engineering, design and fabrication. We service a range of industries through design and engineering consultancy, fabrication, project management, and assembly. We are committed to delivering quality, consistent, timely and efficient products for our customers through our in-house manufacturing and esteemed contract services.

Engineering & Design Services:

  • Project consulting
  • Project management and execution
  • Prototyping & preproduction assembly
  • Specialized design and concept analysis and modelling.
  • Inspection and testing to Australian and International standards

Fabrication Services include:

  • Material sourcing
  • Coil fabrication & pipe spooling
  • General Fabrication of heavy to light scale projects.
  • Complete fabrication and assemblies
  • Volume fabrication and services such as cutting, trimming drilling etc
  • Specialised xray and coded welding in all disciplines MIG,TIG and ARC.
  • Specialised qualified welders in exotic metals including copper, brass, titanium, Inconel and various uncommon industrial metals
  • Robotic welding
  • Drilling, punching, deburring & pressing
  • Swaging, end forming, roll beading

Welding & Fabrication

Our versatility, expertise and consistent high-quality output make Bendtech Industries a preferred provider in welding and fabrication. Bendtech’s custom approach and extensive resources mean that we can meet your project specifications, regardless of complexity.

Over our years of experience and multitude of various types of projects, we are confident in our capabilities to deliver your welding and fabrication needs and surpass expectations.

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Bendtech Industries provides complex and high quality steel engineering services across a broad range of tube bending and metal roll forming projects. We use our skills, quality materials and manufacturing processes to meet the needs of your business or your client.

Tube & Pipe Mandrel Bending Services

Largest Range Of Mandrel Bending Machines And Tooling

The experience of Bendtech craftsmen & the expertise of our design & engineering services make Bendtech the premier supplier of precision tube bending in the country. Our mandrel-based tube-bending machinery provides a finished product with superior wall thickness, quality contours & excellent surface finishes.


Industrial Heat Exchanger Coils

Largest Deployment Of Industrial Heat Exchange Coils

Bendtech Industries is one of the leading coil manufacturing company for the power generation and petrochemical industries. We manufacture all types of heat exchanger coils, either in segments or as complete fabricated units ready for installation.


Metal Section Rolling

Experts In Tight And Large Radius Section Rolling

Bendtech Industries craftsman use advanced metal rolling techniques to create custom roll forming bends of symmetric and asymmetric sections and profiles to stringent specifications with quality and precision.


Engineering And Fabrication Services

Provider Of End To End Engineering Solutions

The same commitment that Bendtech puts into every production manufacturing process in house is also available as a contract service.


Power Generation & Boiler Parts

Specialists In 1D Booster Cold Bending

With our manufacturing expertise and capable equipment such as our Schwarze CNC 100 DB tube bending machine, Bendtech Industies can efficiently and precisely produce mandrel-free bending making it possible to produce boiler tubes up to a radius of 1D with minimum wall thickness reduction and optimum ovality to provide high-quality boiler tubes.


Welding & Fabrication Services

Extensive Experience In First Class Welding And Fabrication

Our welding and fabrication workshop have the capacity to specialise in all ranges of fabrication and welding. Bendtech Industries has a team of qualified boilermakers and fabricator welders that can assist customers with an end to end welding service. We can be onsite anywhere in Melbourne to offer quick and easy solutions. Bendtech fabricators & boiler makers are fully skilled and AS qualified.


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