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Our Story

Bendtech Industries was formed in 1994 to facilitate the bending and construction of steel pipework for manufacturing plants located in Melbourne’s outer suburbs. Since then, we have continually focused on providing expert engineering services, predominantly in the fields of mandrel bending and section rolling. As necessity dictates over time, Bendtech Industries continuously reviews and upgrades the services required by our customers and we now maintain a strong national presence regarding not only our core interests, but with additional in-house processes that include:

  • Fabrication and Installation
  • Steel Supply and Processing
  • Product Assembly
  • Design Assistance
  • Drafting

In 2005 Bendtech Industries became (BT Industries ) as part of the BT Group, as a major division working closely with the other business units- BT Construction Services and BT Mechanical Services.

Bendtech Industries is a division of the BT Group of Companies that include...

Our Mission

“We are committed to providing high quality and the most responsive, competitive, and professional services within our chosen engineering fields, together with the building of solid business relationships with our clients, suppliers, partners and employees.” 

Jim Petrakis, CEO

Our Premises & Equipment

At Bendtech Industries we have the space and equipment for your project. Our plant consists of a 40,000 sq ft premises with overhead Cranes and easy access. We have large number of CNC bending and Rolling Machines together with dedicated welding bays and robotic welding stations. We are constantly updating our equipment and expanding our large array of tooling.

Our Team

We have a team of qualified staff who are highly experienced in all aspects of steelwork and the metal industry, and who can undertake and manage individual client’s needs. All our staff hold Australian qualification and are the best in the country. Our Bendtech Industries team includes:

  • Our Mechanical Engineers
  • Our Project managers
  • Our Bending and Rolling Technicians
  • Our Steel tradesmen
  • Our Fabricators – Australian Qualified Boilermakers
  • Our Riggers and Crane Operators
  • Our Site Team Leaders of Boilermaker and Fitters

Bendtech Industries is ISO 9001:2015 certified and supply products labelled to ensure full traceability, with 3.1 certificates for the materials used. We are a quality-conscious partner, generally regarded as an industry leader, but we are also able to provide the extra quality that customers require.

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